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Planting the Seeds of Paradise on Earth - Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony and Yoga Workshop

Planting the Seeds of Paradise on Earth


Since this time last year, A LOT has changed...

Where we may have focused on personal goals in previous times, this NOW moment is about the COLLECTIVE FUTURE of us ALL.

2020 VISION is the ability to...

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Super New Moon in Scorpio: NO MORE F.E.A.R.

Super New Moon in Scorpio World Service Meditation | Friday 13th November 12.30pm GMT 

A very potent and 3rd and final Supermoon of the Year, that invites us to CHOOSE OUR SIDE and allow all that ISNT aligned with
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Super New Moon in Libra CoCreation Meditation | Friday 16th October 12.30pm BST


This Super New Moon in Libra is all about healing the wounded Masculine Divine MAMA style

Oooh my, here comes Libra with her best intentions to bring balance to all that is out of whack.
We know that when...
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