Super New Moon in Libra October 2020

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Super New Moon in Libra CoCreation Meditation | Friday 16th October 12.30pm BST


This Super New Moon in Libra is all about healing the wounded Masculine Divine MAMA style

Oooh my, here comes Libra with her best intentions to bring balance to all that is out of whack.
We know that when clearing out a space, things often look much worse before they look good- and this is important to hold in your heart as it seems chaos reigns supreme in the world around us, with conflicting messages left right and centre

The goddess that rules Libra is Themis- the Goddess of Divine Law.

She is the daughter of Uranus- father sky, and mother earth- the balance of spirit and matter. She wields a sword and is said to rule justice- blindfolded so she isn't swayed by what 'appears' to be real. Her sword though is NOT a weapon to divide and exclude- it is designed to UNEARTH TRUTH and DRAW BOUNDARIES.
For thousands of years the wounded masculine has reigned as the patriarchal systems we currently have in place, but are fast crumbling. These are the wounded boys and girls who didn't get their needs met by mummy when they were little (I'' explain more about this is the livestream) - were left to cry too much, told to toughen up and to stop daydreaming.

To the wounded masculine, all that matters is money and power as this is what creates security.

The 'real' world is the material one, all else is nonsense. They have suppressed their pain for so long, that they believe the answer to our current global issue, is to suppress what we fear even more. These are the people making decisions on our behalf, TODAY.
Would YOU feel safe if you saw an angry and hurt little boy wielding a dangerous weapon such as a sword or gun? NOPE! You'd want to take it out of their hands immediately and set some firm boundaries about what is safe to play with and how to use powerful tools wisely. You'd also want to help them feel safe, so they don't act out in fear anymore. This is compassion and discernment in action.
This is what we are coming together to CoCreate this SuperNew Moon- taking power OUT of the hands of those who do not know the harm they are doing (or maybe they do!) and put it IN THE HANDS of those who KNOW how to rule with the heart for the HIGHEST good, not the 'greater' good.
We will be calling in the Divine Mama energy to love up all of these wounds and unmet needs - both our personal ones and those in the collective.
This is a world service to help discern Truth from fiction and bring to light the rotten roots of all that has planted in corrupted soil.
Dear ones we are COCREATING a new earth together- one that we 'imagine' into being.
Please grab yourself a cup of ceremonial cacao, choose the crystals and sacred tools you wish to work with, have your notebook and pen ready and lets dream our dreams awake together!


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I LOVE you and wish to remind you JUST HOW POWERFUL we ALL are...there is much to celebrate!
Blessings and love

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