Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony and Yoga Workshop

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Planting the Seeds of Paradise on Earth - Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony and Yoga Workshop

Planting the Seeds of Paradise on Earth


Since this time last year, A LOT has changed...

Where we may have focused on personal goals in previous times, this NOW moment is about the COLLECTIVE FUTURE of us ALL.

2020 VISION is the ability to see clearly...and we HAVE seen clearly our collective F.E.A.R.S. and just how much we bow down to external authority when we face the unknown.

It IS TIME to RECLAIM our POWER to CREATE! And to AWAKEN TRUST in our INNER AUTHORITY which when set to 'LOVE' rather than 'FEAR' teaches us to THRIVE through the unfamiliar as we  navigate towards our idea of a Personal Paradise rather than a personal 'hell'.

So where in your life would you like to THRIVE rather than survive? And what is your THRIVING VISION for HUMANITY?

As we celebrate the shortest day of the year, we get to SLOW everything down to Zero Point and CoCreate our own version of a personal and global reset.

The space for change is in the place of 'no doing'- the space between the in breath and the outbreath where magic is seeded. 

Join InJoy and RozyGlow's founder Rosanna for a sacred gathering with the magical cacao deva, exploring MultiDimensional  yoga, perspectives and tools that will put your Higher Self in charge of your intentions and actions rather than your fearful ego.

This workshop is preparing us for the evening's LIVE online event with Suzanna Kennedy & Leslie Sloane- two of Rosanna's most inspiring teachers- these three will be guiding you to 'Birth Light through the Dark Night of the Soul' ahead of humanity's great awakening.


The ceremony will begin with an invocation and check in with everyone as we toast mama cacao and have our intentions witnessed...and just how far we have come in the past 12 months. 

Then you can expect:

 🌸 Gentle 'on the back' movements to bring you back into alignment with the womb of creation and your own original sacred blueprint

💫 Bija mantras to clear and active the 7 major chakras and also the earth star and soul star- we shall activate 12 chakras together to leave the density of the old world behind and access the energy to build our inspired visions into our physical reality

💗 Yoga kriyas for each of the energy centres to move old energy out and bring new frequencies in

🧘‍♀️ A gentle therapeutic slow flow yoga practice to Align with the Divine within each of us- our Divine Blueprint

✨ Exploring foundational AND advanced principles of CoCreating our Reality Consciously to clarify where YOU ARE on the pathway of the Conscious CoCreator.  Refine intentions that Co Create Your Personal Paradise and in so doing, contribute to the vision of a Collective Paradise for all. What holds YOU back? Lets LOVE that UP!

🌀 Closing circle


Bring a notebook and pen, a favorite crystal to energise, wear your yoga clothes and avoid eating anything heavy in the morning and lunchtime before the ceremony- avoid dairy and meat if poss...this will deepen your connection with the cacao medicine.


Drink plenty of water ahead of the ceremony and for at least 24 hrs after....not a good idea to plan a big night out after ceremony!


PLEASE be aware that we do sometimes go over time so don’t book anything up you have to rush off for. If you are on any long term medication for blood pressure, heart issues, depression or anxiety PLEASE check your medication as some medication doesn’t mix well with cacao....

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