I AM Unconditionally RECEIVING at this second Full Moon in Aquarius

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Full Moon in Aquarius - August 2021

I AM Unconditionally Receiving

What does it mean to unconditionally RECEIVE?

We have all these ideas about what is 'good' and 'bad' to experience. But what if EVERYTHING we experience and encounter is a GIFT from our Higher Self?

Even the most challenging experiences we encounter can be seen as a necessary part of the journey to fully align with the most Joyful, Graceful and Easy Ascension Paradise timeline.

What does such a timeline mean for you? The very best, most enjoyable way of fulfilling your chosen mission here on earth. And if you dont know what that IS yet?

Well, the answer is quite simple: it IS to discover what brings you the MOST JOY and then to share this with the world!

Putting your SOUL in CONTROL is the path to discovering more JOY

Join RozyGlow for the energy healing and upgrade that is the fulfillment of the intention set with the New Moon in Leo a couple of weeks ago: "I AM SURRENDERING to my Higher Self." 

Ahead of Friday's CoCreation, you can take part in the New Moon in Leo CoCreation on YouTube from a couple of weeks ago.

With the upcoming Full Moon, we get to experience what it means to TRUST the process of putting our SOUL in CONTROL...Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a JOYRIDE!

Putting our soul in control will feel unfamiliar at first and may be an uncomfortable experience. There is always a part of us (the ego) that wants things to stay the same, even if the change taking place is for our Highest Good. This means we'll most likely encounter resistance from our subconscious.

Subconscious resistance always shows up until we have stabilised in 5D

The INVITATION of this CoCreation is to speed up the process of stabilisation in a way that is gentle on you. This offers you the opportunity to 'neutralise rather than dramatise' the subconscious blocks you have to your OWN joy and happiness. And this is a conscious and compassionate act - after all, as we do for ourselves, we do for our collective!

So how will UNCONDITIONAL RECEIVING help the collective consciousness?

Much is changing in the world, and things often ARE NOT as they appear on the surface. DISCERNMENT is essential, and to have good discernment skills we need to TRUST our INTUITION over the voice of external authority and approval.

It is VITAL we receive OURSELVES in order to live AUTHENTICALLY

To be AUTHENTIC means to OWN YOUR TRUTH, whether it is deemed right or wrong by anyone outside of you.

We will be joining together to LOVE UP all aspects of victimhood and 'pissed-offness' that get offloaded as projection. In other words, where we perceive ourselves to be lacking, our first instinct is usually to blame the shortcomings of others for our discomfort.

This brings us back to the theme of UNCONDITIONAL RECEIVING - can YOU unconditionally receive YOURSELF? Warts and all? Unconditional RECEIVING is unconditional LOVE!

When you open to yourself, you open to ALL that is abundant, good and prosperous. And we open to this possibility for the WORLD we live in. Only when we SEE things as they REALLY ARE can we begin to LOVE UP what needs to be transmuted.

We meet this Friday 20th August, at 20:00 BST (15:00 EST, 12:00 PST).

To take part in the CoCreation, please join the RozyGlow Inner Circle ahead of the CoCreation.

The Zoom link will be sent out to my inner circle shortly before the CoCreation.

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