Energy Update for New Moon in Leo August 2021

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Energy Update ahead of New Moon in Leo CoCreation Meditation


Get READY to be blasted with BLISS!

This New Moon in Leo heralds in the Lion's Gate Portal
The Lion's Gate Portal lines up our planet with our 'mothership' we get a taste of Heaven's Gates opening right up and bathing us in beautiful, benevolent waves of energy. Yeah, baby!
A pretty darn long energy update about it came through me to prepare you for our regular New Moon CoCreation meditation. This is also available via the RozyGlow YouTube channel: 
The meditation itself will be taking place on FRIDAY 12.30pm BST (4.30am PST/7.30am EST). This is when we will join together LIVE on RozyGlow YouTube, cacao in hand. Subscribe and hit the notifications bell to receive a notification. 
The Lion's Gate Portal opens on Sunday the 8th August 2021, so we are getting ahead of the wave of BLISS so we can surf it baby!
The meditation will also be available as a replay - whenever you do it, the energies WILL reach you. It is best to do the meditation before the 8th, and at least before the next Full Moon so you can harmonise yourself with the energies coming through. This allows you to make the most of them in your own personal reality.
This time is ALL about Aligning with our Divine Human Consciousness - the details of what this means are in the energy update video. Grab a pen and your notebook and take it all down!
We are building the bridge between our crown chakras and soul chakras, so we can download, activate, embed and radiate our soul consciousness. As we activate this, we also fully integrate our Divine Spark Soul Self. This leads us into the New Earth Paradigm we are CoCreating ONE step at a time.
The key with New Moon in Leo is PLAY - have FUN....CELEBRATE!
And the fairies and unicorns are coming out to play! So come ready to have a BLAST! A BLISS BLAST, lol!
We are preparing the space for the energy healing and upgrade that will come with the SECOND Full Moon in Aquarius...where we surrender all resistance to putting our soul in control!
More about what 'surrender' really means in the energy update video.
Visit the RozyGlow store to purchase cacao ahead of our next CoCreation, which will be for the Full Moon.
Become part of the RozyGlow inner circle to take part in our monthly Full Moon CoCreations.
I look forward to seeing you LIVE on Friday, or feeling your energy added to the meditation after the event. And don't forget to catch the energy update before you do the meditation - this one will set you up for the New Earth Paradigm in a BIG way. 


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