Turn Fear into Grace and Ease

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Turn Fear into Grace and Ease


TURNING FEAR ON ITS HEAD: No Need to F.E.A.R.....GRACE is here!

Hello to all you beautiful souls,
How are you experiencing life right now?
Feeling terrified about what is going on, and then what is coming, or excited about the changes you can see happening behind the scenes and passionate about CoCreating a new reality....a BETTER (rather than 'new') normal?
I ask because I AM VERY excited. And so are the graduates of my coaching programmes who are RISE members (this is my exclusive membership for group and 121 coaching graduates). We have been using ALL our tools the past few months, since lockdown began, to transmute our fears into love and trust and to energise the new world we wish to evolve out of the old one. And the way we are seeing things is nothing short of a miracle!
Despite the fact that so many around are losing jobs, in strained relationships, challenged by finances and basically stuck in fear of a virus or the impacts of it, WE are experiencing pay rises, new job opportunities, beautiful love affairs and healings of old relationships, the strengthening of our immune systems and courage to challenge what we don't agree with, a renewed passion for our purpose and a true sense of feeling like THIS IS OUR TIME and we are so happy to share our gifts with the world.
The video above is a great introduction to some mindset shifts. It helps to shift perspective on what would otherwise seem like a rather gloomy time.
Please do watch it if you want some of what we are experiencing- it will DEFINITELY lighten your mood and give you some tools to work with as you access the courage within you to move through fear to Empowerment.
Remember this- NOTHING changes until YOU decide to. And this is WHY you are here part of this mailing list. Because you WANT to, even if you are SCARED to.
The lesson is to create from the 'waves of possibility' rather than the 'particles of existence' in your reality. More of that in the video!

Oh yes, and to ACTUALLY do what you keep meaning to- the deep inner work that will move YOU on to the path that my RISE members are enjoying. It ALWAYS starts with a Breakthrough call.

Why not book yours here: https://www.rozyglow.com/offers/FLbewkC9/checkout
Blessings and love
RozyGlow xx

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