Why You Should Do The FearLESS, Empowered & Free 2 B Me Programme

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Why You Should Do The FearLESS, Empowered & Free 2 B Me Program

The Prime Minister has given the country a mandate to be mindful and protective of our society. Whatever your political persuasion, taking care of each other has to be our priority in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Amongst all this panic however, I feel an unprecedented air of calm.

I am a fit and healthy 40+ and have what I would call a robust constitution. I don't suffer colds very often, and I very rarely need to visit the doctors. The only longstanding illness that I have suffered from in the past has been self-doubt. I have worried, become paranoid and occasionally hysterical due to fear and the preprogramming that my upbringing and heritage dealt me. I would consider myself to have been held hostage by my self-doubt and it’s conditioned much of my adult life.

As with all education (thanks Rosanna!), there comes a time when you really understand what your limits are, and you start to explore new opportunities. Throughout the Fearless & Free programme, I was able to really focus on the areas in my life, my mind and my body that held me back. I could see with a newfound perspective what stopped me from living and loving in a free and fearless way.

Since completing the course 4 years ago, my life, mind and body have transformed. I’ve managed to rebuild my mindset around self-worth, trust and love, and I’m constantly adjusting my consciousness to live gracefully.

All of the lessons equipped me with the tools and the techniques to intelligently read the situation. I now have a perspective, which allows me time to digest and rationalise, to absorb and to form an opinion. I’m now much more mindful of how I can easily help myself and those around me deal with stressful situations, without giving too much or leaving myself vulnerable. My reactions are simply more in tune. My eyes and mind are clearer. My motivation is aligned with a greater good. I trust myself. I love myself. I am all that I am.

So why should you sign up to the Fearless, Empowered & Free 2 B Me programme now?

The one factor that we don’t realise holds us tighter than love is fear. Rosanna has a brilliant saying that FEAR is simply Fictional Events Appearing Real. I love this perspective and it helped me to stop telling myself the stories - to stop fuelling the fear.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where stories are told every day and the press and news organisations make billions of pounds out of sensationalising those stories. Right now, we are being spoon-fed stories by the JCB load – one factual strand that’s been elongated turned and twisted into something so far from its origins that we lose all perspective.

I want you and I need you, like me to retain your perspective. Together we can ask the questions that challenge the sensational. We can unite to ensure that the bigger picture stays in focus. We want the facts and yes, it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves and those all around us but it’s also massively important for the good of the world, that we maintain perspective. And I know, YOU can only do that if you are living without FEAR.

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