The Conscious Pregnancy Journey

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The Conscious Pregnancy Journey Workshop

This workshop will take you through each stage of pregnancy and covers everything I wish parents to be knew before they even conceived.. it is a blueprint for conscious pregnancy, birth and postnatal healing.

The Conscious Pregnancy Journey

How can we shift a pretty traumatic birth into a gentle, pleasant experience especially when previous pregnancy, birth and babyhood trauma holds you back back from fulfilling a desire to conceive another baby?

Advocate for yourself: Be emotionally, psychologically, physically and, spiritually ready for the most optimal from conception, pregnancy, birth and to postnatal recovery experience for mama and baby experience.

Set yourself up for the most enjoyable parenting journey and your baby up for life - this all starts BEFORE conception!

Whether you have been pregnant, given birth or preparing for your first baby experience, this is an invitation to set yourself up for the most enjoyable parenting journey and your baby up for life, BEFORE conception (or as soon after as possible)!


About The Host

In my 22 years as a birth keeper, I have seen it all from mothers asking if their child was alive because suddenly a lot of people were rushing into the delivery room to pregnancy complications that could have been avoided when treated early, with a holistic approach and with urgency.

This is why I am passionate about Conscious Pregnancy, so that parents, especially mothers, can advocate for themselves and their children.

When my daughter was born in 2001 after a FOUR day labour, I learned first hand what a lack of emotional, physical and spiritual preparation could have on your baby engaging in the pelvis, your labour progressing and preventing interventions that are avoidable.

Mental preparation is not enough if you want an easeful conception to postnatal experience.

I have supported over 5000 women, their babies and partners during their pregnancy and birth journey and have seen the worst and the best when it comes to home births, birthing centres and labour ward units since I qualified as a birth professional back in 2004.

I’ve worked as a birth educator AND a doula where I witnessed first hand the effects of preparing from conception, birth experience and immediate postnatal period.


Do you want to start planning and preparing now so you and your partner can make a conscious decision about the birth and support you desire?

Are you interested in understanding the emotional, psychological and physical responsibilities that come with conceiving a child?

You don’t have to feel afraid, helpless or unsupported by those around you.

This event should be a delightful and pleasant experience for your family from preconception to pregnancy and to parenting your child.

Yes, I had been to ‘active birth’ classes and preparing for birth parenting classes but they did not scratch the surface in terms of the preparation that is truly fundamental to the most enjoyable pregnancy journey and best birth outcomes.

Do you have any idea how much trauma is preventable? MOST of it!

I have trained midwives, obstetricians, GPs, doulas, birth educators, yoga teachers and parents in methods that most birthing world professionals know very little about.

I’ve seen it all.


When left to professionals who either don't have the resources or simply don’t value giving emotional, mental and spiritual support to the birthing parents, it could end up traumatising.

This is why I want to give you the support you need as you prepare for each stage of the conscious parenting journey so you can have the most enjoyable experience, set your unborn baby up to be wired to thrive, navigate changing and challenging emotions, and deal with unprocessed traumas that influence your expectations and experiences throughout pregnancy so you don't subconsciously pass them to your newborn.

If you are interested, register for the Conscious Pregnancy Journey to know more about how you can create an enjoyable, enriching, exciting and empowering pregnancy journey.


What You Will Get From The Workshop


Emotional Support

  • How to conceive with ease and eliminate “trying” and what is required ahead of conception from BOTH parents to create the healthiest baby
  • How to navigate your changing and challenging emotions throughout pregnancy so you don't subconsciously pass it on to your child
  • How to overcome your fear of birth, whether you have never given birth before or have had a previously unpleasant birthing experience when your initial birthing experience was a little traumatic
  • How to deepen your love and intimacy as a couple through each stage of pregnancy and parenting

Physiological Support

  • How to support your baby's OPTIMAL physiological and psychological development in the FIRST THREE MONTHS of pregnancy and throughout pregnancy, birth and babyhood
  • How to navigate the maternity system so you don't come out of every antenatal appointment freaked out with something new to worry about
  • What’s the optimal alignment of YOUR body so your baby can adopt their optimal position IN your body ahead of going into labour, MAXIMISING your chances of a natural and intervention free birth
  • Navigating the first hours and days after birth: Everything you need to know in terms of bonding with your baby, overcoming birth trauma, healing physically from birth, preventing colic, digestive issues, sleep issues, mastitis, separation anxiety and postnatal depression

Psychological Support

  • How to avoid unnecessary tests even though you are told “They are recommended.”

  • How to do your own research so you can make an informed decision for your body, health profile and mindset

  • How to Choose the best birthing environment for you according to your health, wants and subconscious beliefs

  • Know your rights and how to get what you want in terms of birth choices, even if you are told you do not have a choice…


This has been useful even after conceiving. I unfortunately lost further pregnancies due uterine haematomas and other causes. I persisted and eventually fell pregnant and carried through until 9 months. It seemed though that luck was not on my side as the pregnancies needed a lot of medical intervention… but Rozy came to my rescue, with some Reiki and powerful advice.

And after having 2 beautiful boys, I was finally able to close all doors to gynaecology altogether, that was what I thought, until early this year when my second child turned 1. We found out, much to my surprise, I was pregnant again!!! It was a miracle, we had not even been trying, this tells you it’s all in the mind. 

I am now over 5 months pregnant and this has been such a positive experience. I am finally in control of my body and my baby. I am feeling so blessed, I can’t wait to meet my little baby in September ❤️” - B

The Conscious Pregnancy - Panel of Experts

Replay of The Conscious Pregnancy Panel of Experts event where we gathered a group of conscious conception, pregnancy, birth experts who specialise in fertility and prenatal care.

They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to address the challenges you might be facing like:

  • Overwhelm from constant planning and calculations
  • Feeling disconnected from your partner due to the stress of conception
  • Struggling with feelings of self-doubt and frustration
  • Navigating the emotional rollercoaster of the journey
  • Seeking holistic approaches to support fertility and prenatal wellness

This panel is included within our 'Silver' and 'Gold' Conscious Pregnancy Journey options below. 



Rosanna Hanness

Roanna is an ancestral, pre birth and earliest influences expert with a 22 year background in the field of pre and neonatal psychology, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postnatal and baby yoga and birth education.

She has been a teacher trainer for Birthlight since 2009, and was personally mentored by Dr Francoise Freedman, teaching all their dry land courses internationally including fertility, perinatal yoga diploma, yoga for birth, yoga for maternity professionals, postnatal healing, newborn, baby yoga diploma and toddler yoga programs. She was the Co-Chair and later Chair, of the Croydon University Hospital Maternity Services Liaison Committee, and between 2004 and 2014 supported the hospital's maternity unit to rise from one of the worst performing maternity units, to one of the best, in the country.

Through her award winning yoga business InJoy Yoga, Rosanna shared specialist yoga classes and workshops with over 5000 pregnant women, their babies and partners and has gained invaluable insight from working with her clients long term, which formed the basis of her Conceive with Ease, Conscious Pregnancy Journey and FearLESS, Loved Up & Limitless courses.

After a 4 day labour with her own daughter in 2001, Rosanna learned first hand the impact of fear of birth both on the positioning of a baby in late pregnancy and the progression of labour.
She teaches positive intervention methods and conscious relationships, conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting with the awareness that this earliest time period sets the scene for the rest of adult life and whether a human is wired to survive or thrive according to their brain development, neurological functioning and epigenetics.
Rosanna is also a certified doula, having trained with Dr Michel Odent & Lilianna Lammers, and has trained in breast feeding peer support with NCT.

Her most passionate intention is to share the message that through the conscious conception, birth and nurturing of our young, we create the conditions for peace and thriving well being on our planet.
As the founder of the StarPeace Movement, Rosanna is focusing her expertise on shifting the way pregnancy, birth and parenting are portrayed in the entertainment industry, so we can normalise the expectation of gentle and conscious birth and parenting.


Ali Levine

Ali Levine is a certified breathwork Practitioner, World Renowned Celebrity and Intuitive stylist, Sought after Media Personality, Speaker and Transformation Expert.
Ali helps take her clients from their breakdowns to their breakthroughs. Embodying all that they are through their soul's purpose. Using her signature methodology of the ALI method, Ali helps you shift from your lower vibrations to higher states of consciousness. Through the breath and certain exercises, meditations, divine coaching, Ali's holds space and facilitates your shifting, your awareness and even your own healing. Ali will help you step into, surrender and awaken to your B.E.S.T. Self. (Breathe embody surrender transform)
Ali is also the founder of the app Breathe & B - which takes you from being plugged into the matrix to awakening and allowing you to be you fully and come home to yourself at a soul level.

Also, as an intuitive stylist Ali helps her clients breathe through their closet, tap into the ‘design' of their soul, and come home to themselves through the wardrobe of their dreams.

Throughout her career, Ali has styled countless well-known celebrities some of which include: Jesse McCartney, Joey King, Candace Bure, Scheana Shay, Lisa Vanderpump, Kearran Giovanni, Gretchen Rossi, supported networks like Nickelodeon, Bravo, E! been featured as a lifestyle expert on local & world wide new stations, red carpet events, and even starred in a Bravo show called, Stripped that aired in 2017-2018. Ali recently walked away from Hollywood at the height of her career to support conscious women and those on their spiritual journey that she has connected with most.

A mother of three, who had a spiritual awakening, breathwork changed her life and spiritual path in her second birth and vbac she achieved. Which then lead to her sons homebirth in 2022 which was the next catalyst of everything. She changed her entire way of conceiving, connecting with the soul of her child, her postpartum journey and more. Ali breathes with her kids daily now as well as she did her entire pregnancy with her son and his name Abel, means breath.


Amelia Warren

Amelia is a sensitive and intuitive Midwife with over 7 years experience working within the NHS. She is a mother, and even had a homebirth herself! She gives private breastfeeding support in and around South London, runs women support groups virtually and face-to-face.

Amelia is trained in one to one constellation work, known as 'Core Three Healing', a form of deep energetic work to support mothers and mothers-to-be to find their own inner wisdom, love up their most challenged wounds and find their light and love.


Lucy Amusan

Lucy teaches weekly in person Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes in and around South East London. She holds monthly women's circles and run regular workshops including a Postnatal and Birth recovery workshop. Lucy offers in person one to one support during the postnatal period and teaches a gentle yoga class online once a week.

All of Lucy's offerings which support Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum are done so with the health and well-being of the mother at the core. This is driven by the understanding that mothers are the foundation of our community from which we are nourished and grow. Her focus is on following our physiological design and using yoga and other traditional methods to support this. She teaches at the grass roots level, building community and support for the mothers within the area in which she lives.

Lucy has been teaching since 2012. She has qualifications in Pregnancy Yoga and Baby Yoga with Birthlight,  500hrs BWYQ qualification with BWY and is a Certified Practitioner of Postpartum care with Innate traditions.


Charmaine Heket

Charmaine has been Birth Doula for 16 years. She has trained in Pregnancy Yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga, baby massage, and La Leche league breastfeeding support.

Charmaine has experience in early years and child development as well as trained in herbal medicine and aromatherapy. She runs womb and fertility cleanses to support woman's all around womb health, teaches 2 to 3 classes a week across pregnancy and postnatal as well as running birth preparation classes for couples or any birth partner.

Charmaine is passionate about women's womb health and fertility as well as postnatal period and baby.

“If we are able to share knowledge connect in a level to make more informed decisions it will empower us on our journeys.”


Sally Lomas

Sally is an international trainer, having over 25 years experience working with pregnant women, babies and their families. She has since expanded into supporting women throughout their lives through exploration in many different mediums.

She has qualifications in pregnancy yoga, childbirth preparation, baby massage and yoga, aqua yoga and baby swimming and has travelled extensively to offer teacher trainings.

A registered SYT (senior yoga teacher) with Yoga Alliance UK and an RYPT (registered prenatal yoga teacher) with Yoga Alliance US. Montessori teacher and counsellor. Sally has also trained in Ai Chi water therapy.

She is a Level 2 Practitioner in The Triple Vagal Method, a unique technique to release trauma and reset the nervous system. One of the very few practitioners in the UK.

A mother of four children Sally still enjoys teaching locally in Cambridge and continues to care passionately about supporting women and their families through the journey of pregnancy, birth, parenting and beyond.


Lula McGill

Lula has been studying health and wellbeing for around 20 years. Completing her Naturopathic Nutrition Level 1 and Advanced diploma with the Nutrihealing Foundation.

Recently completing a mentorship with Tanya Borowski, renowned Nutritional Therapist and IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and expert in female hormones.

Since completing this field of study, Lula has a specific interest in supporting, mainly women, through the various hormonal changes throughout a woman's life from puberty to menopause. Including conception, pregnancy and post natal recovery.

“This is a time in a woman's life where nutrition has never been more important. With so much conflicting information on the internet – a pregnant mum is trying to get all the things right. I am here to take all of this worry and concern and provide you with easy to adapt menus for you whole pre, during and post pregnancy to empower you to make the right healthy choices for you, your baby and your family.”

Having trained with Rozy for the past 5 years and been lead coach on the Liberation course, Lula creates a multidimensional approach to your nutrition and wellness journey with her.



You will receive:

  • 24-hour Access to Workshop Replay




You will receive:

  • Lifetime Replay Access of Workshop and Panel Discussion
  • Panel Discussion with holistic pregnancy experts including pregnancy and baby yoga teacher, doula, midwife, postnatal healing and trauma specialist, all who have trained with RozyGlow
  • Q&A
  • Access to dedicated private facebook group
  • Bonus: Guided Relaxation with Anusara Music
  • Bonus: Creation StarMaps chapter from my new book


You will receive:

  • Lifetime Replay Access of Workshop and Panel Discussion
  • Panel Discussion with holistic pregnancy experts including pregnancy and baby yoga teacher, doula, midwife, postnatal healing and trauma specialist, all who have trained with RozyGlow
  • Q&A
  • Access to dedicated private facebook group
  • Bonus: Guided Relaxation with Anusara Music
  • Bonus: Creation StarMaps chapter from my new book
  • One 30-minute 1:1 Support

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