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Personal Fulfilment Fast Track

Ready for a complete vibrational shift that stops you playing the game of one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the break?

If you are someone who is finding yourself with a pressing decision to make or are just finding that you are going around and around chasing your tail, this month-long intensive is for you.


The Personal Fulfilment Fast Track is designed to get you out of your own way and aligned with the version of you that has already overcome whatever challenges you are currently facing.



This month long intensive has 4 elements:
  • The Pre Birth & Early Influences questionnaire that activates our earliest subconscious memories
  • An Early Imprints clarification & reprogramming session to clarify and clear the key limiting beliefs creating the story you are ready to change NOW
  • Voice message support between sessions to integrate the lessons and deep healing
  • A Divine Navigation call that connects you with the version of you that is living the life you wish to experience and the story you desire to tell

Sometimes we just need the support to push through a scary moment. Other times we feel so confused with which direction to go in that we employ ALL our self sabotage techniques at once! There is nothing scarier than change to the part of us we know most commonly as the 'ego' which is in fact, our survival programming.

The Personal Fulfilment Fast Track is a one month intensive that gets straight to the root of the issue rather than focusing on symptoms that keep you distracted from making the key changes necessary, in the order that will allow the best outcomes for all involved.


It is designed to bring overwhelm down to zero so a clear path becomes visible to you, including the key steps you need to take and the order in which to take them.


Most people are not aware of just how much havoc their earliest influences can play on their decision to move forward in a new direction.

As a pre birth and early influences specialist, i have found after over 22 years of exploring this pioneering field, that the beliefs and expectations we adopt when we are growing in the womb, during our birth, and the immediate postnatal period tend to become most prevalent and gripping EVERY time we are ready to make a move outside of the world we are familiar with.

This could be a relationship we are not sure whether to stay in, a crossroads in our career or life path, a desire to improve our health or a decision to leave behind toxic habits, family, friend or colleague relationships, and even when something wonderful shows up which we are invited to say YES to but it just seems so scary!

Whatever is going on for you right now, if you want to align with the most optimal path ahead, that allows you to put the wisest part of you in charge of your decision making and actions, this intensive is made for you.




Early Imprints Clarification & Reprogramming Session

Is a 90 minute call where we go through the answers you gave to the 'Early Imprints & Pre-birth Influences' doc to establish the key pre cognitive beliefs that hold you back whenever you are facing an important change or a crossroads in your life. These beliefs relate to things you tell yourself all the time that undermine your best efforts and energise self doubt which creates self sabotage. During this session I will hold you in an energetic safe space, so you are witnessed with compassion as you connect the dots between the inherited influences you are now aware of, and your current life experience which is causing you difficulty.

Together we will create new beliefs based on reversing the old limiting ones and I will be channeling healing so we can connect where in your body these old beliefs reside, so we can clear their cellular memory.

In between sessions 1 and 2 you have access to me on WhatsApp/Telegram for voice message support during normal business hours.


Divine Navigation Call

This 90 min call is a soul reading and will be based on the answers you give to the pre call questions you are asked to fill in. The session is customised to you and where you are in your life in relation to your unfulfilled goals, or whatever is currently an issue that you want a breakthrough with. It will include an auracle card reading, light language guidance from your soul consciousness and I will guide you through a bespoke CoCreation meditation to embed the new beliefs you are ready to embody and connect to the frequency of your Highest Self.

We focus on the most important actions to create impact and the order to take them in with grace and ease, fast. You will walk away with a personalized plan of action to keep you focused on your next steps and an audio recording of your CoCeation meditation so you can stay connected to your Highest Self consciousness and continue to receive their guidance until you are ready for more.

You have 14 days to schedule Session Two and voice message support is offered for the total period of one month.

 Why Me?

  • Has 22+ years experience in ancestral and pre birth influences and how they shape our life experiences, so can guide you to detox and upgrade your pre cognitive conditioning
  • Has worked with 5000+ Awakening StarSeeds and guided them through their limitations to self-liberation, baby!
  • Is featured in Forbes, Authority Magazine, Influencive, Hollywood Digest, TV broadcasts to over 7 million viewers and was voted as one of the 12 most inspiring women to look out for in 2022 in the NY Weekly Times.
  • Is an empath and psychic who gets straight to the core of your stuff and move you out of your victim story in Divine Speed
  • Has a team of phenomenal coaches who have ALL been through the very same process you will be guided through and have activated their own special SuperPowers
  • Speaks Light Language from 6 different Star Constellations, is a Galactic Consciousness herself and the StarPeace Sovereignty CodeKeeper on this planet…this is a direct source connection to the Paradise Earth Council who are directing StarSeeds in the CoCreation of Paradise Earth
  • Knows EXACTLY what it's like to self-sabotage and then uplevel beyond all comprehension and knows how to navigate unchartered territory like a cosmic Ninja BADASS



About Rosanna RozyGlow Hanness

Rosanna RozyGlow Hanness is this world’s StarPeace CodeKeeper, internationally recognised Soul Empath l Success Coach, Channel of Divine Grace, StarSeed Activator and Founder of the StarPeace Movement, as featured in Forbes and Authority Magazine. 

 RozyGlow activates MultiDimensional Consciousness, gracefully bridging the worlds of the F.E.A.R. based and THRIVE paradigms, creating a birth canal for mass ascension. Rosanna is an intuitive empath and psychic who embodies Divine Feminine leadership, by challenging concepts of ‘empowerment’ deeply rooted in our gender war collective psyche. Known as her soul name RozyGlow, she now works primarily with actors turned executive producers and heart centred influencers, activating their Divine Human Consciousness to unleash their true Divine Legacy in this world through their soul inspired creations.


Investing in myself by working with RozyGlow gave me the opportunity to add to the blueprint of a new world concept, discovering my own unique part to play in shifting reality paradigms- the deep work we have done together has ignited my light, firing me up as a leader so I can harmonise and resonate in any situation that comes my way…leading from my heart, guided by my soul rather than the fears that used to motivate me.

/ Soul CEO

Working with RozyGlow taught me that I did not need to lead with a hard edge - even though the stakes are high and those I negotiate with are used to playing hardball, I brought with me a fresh perspective that disarmed my competitors and made my more expensive proposals more enticing to prospective clients. I let go of the drive that was distancing me from my family and learned how to take care of them by taking care of me. This heart centred approach is now a standard with my employees, colleagues and adversaries.

/ Soul CEO

I stopped beating myself up for everything I thought I didn't do well as a business owner and visionary and focused on where I was putting limitations in my own way. By allowing myself to challenge my own in built stereotypes, i stopped playing small, 10 X my income, allowed myself to fall in love and recognised the value i was bringing to this world, by claiming my unique vision and owning the beauty of my designs.
I gave myself permission to relax and enjoy the ride, rather than constantly fighting a system I hated.

/ Soul CEO

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