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SuperConscious CoCreating Method

CoCreating Method

121 Coaching: Awaken, Integrate and Embody your Divine Blueprint through the SuperConscious CoCreating Method

The pathway for evolutionaries and revolutionaries that are READY to CoCreate a NEW Narrative, Story and Game of life.

I offer a proven pathway for Awakening StarSeeds to deprogram from the 3D Matrix of F.E.A.R., move through the confusion and illusion of 4D and access their 5D Consciousness and successfully embed it into their physical reality, consistently and sustainably.


Although it was an investment of money and time, working with Rozy on a 1-1 basis was totally worth it. I received personalised compassionate insights, explorations and challenges from somebody I see as a real role model.

There have been huge upgrades from all aspects of my life and it feels as if my being, confidence and divine connection has raised to another level and I find this allows me to be more peaceful in myself.

Not only has this programme deepened and reinforced how important my role is but I have had physical transformations where pain in my body has (dare I say) been eliminated with immediate effect.

The benefits of the journey with Rozy have gone far beyond what I even imagined and I feel as though I have accessed the rich vision within me and beyond me and this has opened the door to a very big world.

Although at times it will feel uncomfortable and challenging, if you are committed to it, you will see growth! Rozy created a compassionate space for me to speak and reveal all the things that were challenging me - by standing with me and supporting me through the process.

I feel so blessed to have had that 1-1 time and achieve not only what I wanted but get a lot more from it. 


 I call you an Awakening StarSeed who is an Ascended Master in Training.

Many of us are being called to be teachers for the New Earth Paradigm.

We are here to assist those who are going through an awakening process and are often feeling disorientated and terrified about the fact that the world is NOT as they were taught it was - or they even believed it was, a year ago!

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This is for those of you who know you WANT a personal guide to support you through discovering the blind spots that keep sabotaging your best efforts to manifest what you deeply desire. 

It is also for you if you know you could access the resources and expertise to do it on your own EVENTUALLY, but you want to experience the fastest, most graceful and easy ascension into your fully optimised self.

Your recognise the value of investing in yourself over a period of time, to go through the tunnel as you birth your StarSeed self with the support of someone who TRUSTS the process and knows how to guide you through. Your intention is to spend enough time learning the HOW, so you can master the skills required to maintain and share what you have integrated and embodied.

Access your 5D Consciousness

RozyGlow offers a proven pathway for Awakening StarSeeds to deprogram from the 3D Matrix of F.E.A.R., move through the confusion and illusion of 4D and access their 5D Consciousness and successfully embed it into their physical reality, consistently and sustainably.

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SuperConscious CoCreating Method

Awaken, Integrate and Embody your Divine Blueprint through the SuperConscious CoCreating Method

The pathway for evolutionaries and revolutionaries that are READY to CoCreate a NEW Narrative, Story and Game of life.

You have manifested wealth, you are 'successful' at work but STILL, there is a drive to know your soul and the most Graceful and Easy way to share your gifts with the world in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Often the love that you have dreamed of has not yet materialised, or, you know your relationship is seeded in deep love, but there are wounds that just can't seem to heal.

Maybe you feel deeply in love, but having a family seems impossible.

Yes you CAN manifest, but doing so consistently and sustainably evades you- it's almost like you are scared it will all be taken away, unless you are never quite that comfortable.

It's difficult to enjoy what you have as you fear it will all be taken away. Often these are the imprints of blood line and soul memories that echo in your energy field saying 'don't drop your guard,  you know this won't last'.

Awakening your Divine Blueprint is the move from an active merkabah field to the healing of the inner masculine and feminine that allows for the integration of your Diamond Light Body.

Part of this soul journey involves remembering our earliest incarnations here on earth and why we are here now.

It is NOT to relive the past- it IS to triumph where in the past there is memory of failure.

Your personal challenges will reflect where your soul is needing to integrate aspects of your shadow into your light-

If you are with me so far, and the language i am using is familiar to you, it is time to learn to live as your Higher Self, also known as your Divine Human Consciousness.

Welcome to the joys of being an Ascended Master in training!

Who do we believe?

Who can we trust?

With so many different ideas about HOW we should access our divinity it is no wonder we are confused.

Literally every spiritual doctrine, whether religious or new age has been distorted either intentionally or otherwise ... we humans do our best to understand Source / God / All that is, but our mindset is limited and until we integrate all aspects of our shadow (lower nature or unloved parts of self ) we will project on to others what is unresolved in our own being ness.

What is your Divine Blueprint?

This is the Optimal path that you chose for yourself as a soul before you decided to incarnate as a human in this life.

It is based on a FEELING vibration…and it holds the codes to align you with succeeding in learning the life lessons & mastering the curriculum that you chose in order to evolve your soul.

I have the privilege of working with Rozy on a 1:1 basis for coming up to 6 months now and  the shift in perspective is astounding. All those around me are seeing the difference and are starting to question, “how?”

I can see a harmonious balance between my personal life and business world for the first time. I am truly excited about the next 6 months ahead and all that there is waiting for me to unlock.

Enlightenment does not come without the effort, focus and determination however Rozy is there to offer her teaching and guidance. I would recommend this course to anyone, the best investment is always in yourself.


RozyGlow Unique Service

Working with me one to one is a minimum 4 month commitment, which often extends into 12 months.

The service is unique to you and draws from all aspects of my training as an energy healer, visionary, fertility and perinatal specialist, MultiDimensional Success coach and yoga trainer.

High flying singles, committed couples, visible creatives and soulpreneurs LOVE this approach of manifesting intention into form through radical self love. It allows the glass ceiling to disappear and more expansive opportunities to appear, as efforting is replaced with vibrating chosen frequencies into your field and fine tuning your 'pulling power'.

Become the

Best Version

of Yourself


Where do you seem to struggle in life?


Yes you have it, but it's coming at a price. Maybe you're a slave to your business. Someone is out to get you, however much is there, you always want more - it hasn't brought you the feeling of security you intended and that hole still needs filling. You WANT to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy what you have manifested so far. And you deserve to!


Attracting the unavailable, uncommitted or unfulfilling- you WANT a Blissful Sacred Union  but who shows up is anything but! 'Is this what i'm worth?' 'Is this the best that i can get'? 'Do I want too much'? Or are you stuck in the belief that you have to choose between love and career success?


Perfectionist ideals leave you beating yourself up again and again. Going to extremes is your normal, and finding a way to move beyond the constant self criticism, judgment and harsh self discipline is important to you. What would the best version of you be? Is there a you that can be moderate and happy? Want to find out?


You are valued and recognised but there are ways you want to go that you fear wont be 'approved of'. Maybe there are unwritten rules you want to break, or you can see there is an establishment that creates limitation in your field of expertise. Living your soul purpose as a career move means receiving income for doing what YOU LOVE in alignment with YOUR VALUES.

Want to talk?

Please book your Beakthrough Call and know I will personally take it on the basis that you are investing your time and money so I know that you are serious about change.

Are you currently sacrificing a part of yourself to maintain a certain lifestyle, credibility or level of fame and fortune? Do you feel like you are selling your soul? Ready to trade selling your soul for living your Soul Truth AND being more influential and 'successful' than before?

Its not by accident that you have these struggles…these are areas of consciousness that your soul hasn’t yet awakened to, integrated or mastered.

We have trials and tribulations occur again and again…not because something ‘out there’ is out to get us, but BECAUSE we ourselves have chosen our ‘soul curriculum’….the challenges and support we encounter in order to grow and evolve our individual soul consciousness back into ONENESS.

Sound good?

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