Do you know the difference between 3d, 4d & 5d?

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How to tell the difference between 3D, 4D and 5D consciousness

The Rainbow Flame came to me to integrate way back in 2017 - yup, that long ago! Learning I AM a code keeper has been a huge revelation...and the Rainbow Flame is a whole WHAMMY of codes! As a code keeper, I am called to initiate others, and I have created activation and integration meditations for the Rainbow Flame, as well as many others.

The codes of the Rainbow Flame specifically serve to activate our 12-strand DNA that will lead to a Divine Human Upgrade.

The Divine Human Upgrade requires that we shift from 3D to 5D consciousness. This allows us to become a clear channel for the Rainbow Flame LoveLight to flow and act through us, bringing the codes that will ultimately raise up humanity.

The Rainbow LoveLight fall in the image is a perfect reminder of what we can bathe ourselves in metaphorically if we align with the Divine and allow these codes to come through us. [Image source unknown - please shout if you know who took this photo as I would love to credit them!]

Knowing the differences between the levels of MultiDimensional consciousness

If we are to access and anchor ourselves in 5D, it is important to understand the differences between 3D, 4D and 5D consciousness. Each of these realities must be experienced for us to fully integrate and stabilise in 5D. There are no shortcuts. You can’t get to 5D without going through 4D – it is an essential elevator – so there is no need to judge anything about it.

Below I have explained the differences in our experience of the world as we move through 3D, 4D and 5D consciousness. This is simplified but it serves as a starting point to help you navigate and understand your own shifts.

Inner ‘vision’ and perception of the world around us

3D consciousness: We see in black and white, with some shades of grey, and primary colours only. Things in our opinion are either right/wrong, good/bad and we describe synchronicity as coincidence.

4D consciousness: We can see in rainbow colours, sometimes in quite a spangly way, but there are LOTS of shadows in the 4D world. There is as much suffering, torture and pain as there is 'magic', love and bright stuff.

5D consciousness: Here we see in full Technicolour - rainbows are full of gems, glitter and sparkles. There are colours within colours, whole NEW colours. Our inner vision (third eye) takes over and often we can start to see the Sacred Geometry of our Divine Architecture, and that of those around us. We may also see aura colours/intensity.

How we respond to events in our lives

3D: We are ‘programmed’ to respond in certain ways to the things that happen to us. What we think are our ‘opinions’ are actually not our opinions at all - just rehashed programming we 'resonate' with. The specifics of that resonance are simply based on whether we are buying into our early conditioning or rejecting it by rebelling. Either way this is a reaction, not a considered response...survival programming in operation (what is deemed as ‘ego programming’ in some circles).

4D: In this dimension it is so easy for us to get wrapped up in the mind – what we know, what we understand, what we can control with our consciousness. Plenty of those who would call themselves atheists or agnostic sit in this camp. We have a vague sense that our perception affects our experience of reality. But our desire is still to control – to manipulate external factors and internal ones in an attempt to guarantee specific experiences/outcomes.

5D: We are fully aware that we are CoCreators of our own reality. We see the silver lining in everything and the lessons and opportunities we are being gifted and know that everything is happening FOR us rather that TO us. We no longer feel that we are being ‘tested’ or ‘punished’ when things don’t go ‘our way’. We trust fully that there is a Divine plan and that things are working for us out better than we could imagine ourselves.

Perception of alternative dimensions

3D: We are unable to comprehend that another reality exists outside the physical plane. We are bound to the laws that society has dictated to us and believe that our safety depends on playing by these rules. We are not open to the concept of another reality, as much as we might wish it were so.

4D: Our sense of 'reality' starts to be more subjective – way more shades of grey, and more questions than answers! There is a sense that there is more to life and consciousness than what our 5 senses perceive, but the understanding is more cerebral than heart felt. We can suspend our disbelief about alternate realities, but primarily through substance use, whether natural or designer, and whether for fun or as a medicine journey. The temptation remains to pass off the non-physical experiences as chemically induced, rather than an actual experience of an alternative reality.

5D: Our extra sensory perceptions start to develop in 4D – but they go MEGA here. 5D is also the frequency that allows everything to co-exist – shadow and light. But there is a form around it ALL – like a sphere of compassion. This means we are in unified consciousness; we understand that we are ALL part of the same WHOLE.

Ability to navigate our fears

3D: We are fully motivated by fear programming. We perceive that we are soldiers of fortune and have no control over our external circumstances. We often play out one of the roles of the drama triangle (victim, persecutor or rescuer). Our ‘wounded inner child’ is frequently in the driving seat of the decisions we make for ourselves, with a sense of self-preservation always front of mind.

4D: We haven’t surrendered to our Higher Self here yet, though we may dabble with the idea. Ego programming often drops us back into fear, duality and polarity, and so we flit in and out of our sense of trust in the Universe.

5D: We have reached 5D when we are fully trusting our inner wisdom, the voice of the heart, and allowing the heart to lead the mind (anchored ‘Heart math'). We make the connection with our Divine Spark and keep growing that connection into a flame and then a whole PILLAR of LoveLight – perhaps a LoveLight fall like this image!

I have said in the past that we stabilise in 5D when we are no longer motivated by fear (our survival/ego) programming. I will add that it’s not that we don’t ever FEEL fear – it’s that we can witness it, process it quickly, and come back to centre in a flash. We don’t hold it, store it, or project it into our field…

'Reality' is best described as virtual

The ‘reality’ we experience is based on our own vibration. This means we can all be co-existing in the same physical reality but be having a very different experience of it depending on our energetic frequency.

3D: Our energy field is contracted, our immune system compromised, and we attract according to our subconscious expectations rather than our conscious intentions. This is also true for 3D.

4D: We can understand a lot about the theory of the ‘law of attraction’ but still be in fear. This means that, as in 3D, our energy field is still contracted. We are seeking to consciously attract/manifest, but our success with this is limited due to the fear we still hold.

5D: In the simplest terms, we fully grasp the idea that when we are in a loving state, connected to Source, our energy field BEAMS. We are able to consistently reach this state because of the ease with which we can move through our fears. We magnetise opportunities to us because we are radiating at a frequency that matches.

The secret to reaching and anchoring a 5D vibrational state...

In order to really help with activating and stabilising in 5D, I was shown that both Earth chakra and Soul chakra need to be activated and cleansed DAILY to allow the rainbow LoveLight fall to FLOW...

The key to this is:

  • Being OPEN to unconditionally RECEIVE what we desire, and trust we are worthy of it, AND
  • To unconditionally RELEASE what no longer serves us, without getting into a story about it! This ‘gunk’ is the density of inherited shite. For the most part, it isn’t ours – but it IS ours to LET GO.

Gaia, Source and Higher Self Activation daily practice

I have developed a practice to activate your connection to Source, mother earth (Gaia) and beyond, and to clear the energy field around each of us. These include calling in your I AM presence and surrender to the wisdom your Higher Self, so that your decisions and actions can be directed from the wisest part of you. This is available to all of my coaching clients and is a key part of the RozyGlow signature FearLESS, Loved Up and FREE 2B Me group coaching programme.

Star Salutation Prosperity Practice - with tapping

Over time I have also downloaded a physical practice that will activate and strengthen your Sacred Geometry as well as call in abundance codes. This is the Star Salutation Prosperity Practice, which includes a tapping practice that can be adapted for anything you wish to see more of in your life. This practice is available for FREE when you join the RozyGlow Tribe. I incorporate this and many more original activation practices into my MultiDimensional yoga classes. These are hosted LIVE online every week, suitable for all levels and accessible from wherever you are in the world.

What is your level of MultiDimensional consciousness?

I invite you to become curious about your current level of MultiDimensional consciousness. Do you recognise yourself in the descriptions of one specific level, or are you bridging the gap between two states? Wherever you sit, I encourage you to explore the Star Salutation Prosperity Practice, as this will open you to expanded levels of receiving in whichever area of your life you wish to work on.

If you want to know more about how to move Gracefully and Easily into 5D, I help Awakening StarSeeds to free themselves from their fear programming. The RozyGlow signature coaching programme, FearLESS, Loved Up and FREE 2B Me, is now open for registration. The course provides you with bi-weekly live coaching support and 12 modules of content to help you unplug from the 'matrix' (your fear programming) and rewire your internal motherboard. This is the fastest and most assured way to access and remain in 5D. Come and meet your soul family and begin your journey...

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